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Climb a classic peak in the Canadian Rockies

Rock climb to a summit, ascend a glacier or climb a classic ice face – the Canadian Rockies offer challenges for every mountaineering goal and range of ability. Join Mountain Ascents Canda on one of the world-class climbs listed below, or contact us to organize a guided trip specific to your needs – climb the route of your dreams!

Mountaineering trips and courses available June through October. See list below for trip selection.

Dates: By request


  • Quoted in Canadian funds
  • All-inclusive trips are based on guiding fee + 5% GST and related expenses (i.e. mountain hut or campground accommodation, food, transportation, rental of technical equipment).
  • Basic guiding fee is $450.00 per day + $50.00 per extra persons. Difficult or longer routes have a higher day rate.

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Trip Selection for Banff, Jasper, Assiniboine, Rogers Pass:

Banff National Park

Mt. Victoria, Southeast Ridge – 1.5 days
Starting from an alpine hut, an easy rock climb leads to a spectacular kilometre-long knife-edge summit ridge.

  • Day 1 – Bus to Lake O’Hara; hike to Abbot Pass Hut.
  • Day 2 – Climb to summit; descend back to Lake O’Hara by late afternoon.

Price: 938.00 Cdn (includes GST, transportation, hut fees, food, all technical equipment)

Mt. Fay, West Ridge or North Face
2 days

The west ridge offers easier snow and rock scrambling, while the north face offers challenging ice climbing.

  • Day 1 – Climb to Niel Colgan Hut (involves some rock climbing
    and glacier travel).
  • Day 2 – Climb to summit; descend back to trailhead by late afternoon.

Price: $860.00 Cdn (includes GST, transportation, hut fees, food, all technical equipment)

Mt. Aberdeen, North Glacier – 1 day
An ascent with a mix of everything – glacier travel, steeper ice and rock climbing near the summit – makes this a very popular climb.
Price: $460.00 Cdn (includes GST, transportation, all technical equipment)

Mt. Louis, Kain Route – 1 day
A Canadian Rockies mountaineering favourite. Pure rock climbing (rated 5.7) to an amazing summit makes Mt. Louis one of the most popular peaks in the Banff area.
Price: $430.00 Cdn (includes GST, transportation)

Mt. President and Vice President – 3 days

  • Day 1 – Hike to Stanley Mitchell Hut.
  • Day 2 – Climb the north glacier to the col between the two peaks; ascend the east ridge of the President and west ridge of the Vice President (easily done in one day). Descend to hut.
  • Day 3 – Return to trailhead by mid-afternoon.

Price: $1345.00 Cdn (includes GST, transportation, hut fees, food, all technical equipment)

Jasper National Park, Columbia Icefields Area

Mt. Athabasca – 1.5 days
Alberta mountaineering at its best. This peak offers everything from a glaciated ascent to technical north-face ice routes.
Price: $590.00 Cdn (includes GST, transportation, campground fees, food, all technical equipment)

(Check out our two- and four-day skills courses (Mountaineering for Beginners or Mt. Athabaca Weekend) based in this area. Both include an attempt on Mt. Athabasca.)

Mt. Edith Cavel, East Ridge – 1.5 days
Located above the mountain town of Jasper, this route involves easy scrambling that leads up to a steep quartzite buttress (rated 5.3) and onto the summit. Be prepared – it’s a long day!
Price: $745.00 Cdn (includes GST, transportation, hut fees, food, all technical equipment)

Mt. Assiniboine Provincial Park

Mt. Assiniboine, North Ridge – 3-, 4- and 5-day options
Often referred to as the Matterhorn of the Rockies, Mt. Assiniboine is the highest peak (3618 metres) in the South Rockies.

  • Day 1 – Fly by helicopter from Canmore into the remote Assiniboine area; hike up to climbers’ hut at the base of the peak’s north ridge. (Please
    Flight days are Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays; If your trip is on a holiday weekend, then flight day will be Monday, not Sunday.)
  • Day 2 – Attempt the climb, a steep exposed alpine ridge; descend to climbers’ hut. Expect an 8-12-hour round trip.
  • Day 3 – Hike down to helicopter staging area; fly back to Canmore.

Although this climb can be done in three days, we recommend the four- or five-day option to account for poor weather.

Price (includes GST, helicopter transportation, hut fees, food, and all technical equipment):

3 days - $2100.00 Cdn
4 days - $2500.00 Cdn
5 days - $3000.00 Cdn

Glacier National Park, Rogers Pass Area

Mt. Sir Donald, Northwest Ridge – 2 days
The most prominent and sought after peak in the area!

  • Day 1 – Drive to Rogers Pass; hike up to bivy site at base of the route.
  • Day 2 – Climb the long ridge (rated 5.3) to the summit; descend back to the car. (Although this is not a difficult route it is a long climb and a good level of fitness is required.)

Price: $995.00 Cdn (includes GST, transportation, wilderness pass, food, all technical equipment)

Mt. Tupper, West Ridge – 2 days
One of the finest rock climbs in the Rogers Pass.

  • Day 1 – Hike up to Hermit Meadow Campground, based at treeline. Promises magnificent views of Sir Donald!
  • Day 2 – Attempt this impressive ridge climb; descend back to highway
    by late afternoon.

Climbers often spend several days based from the Hermit Meadow Campground to access the many other fine peaks in the area. Please inquire for longer multi-day options.

Price: $885.00 Cdn (includes GST, transportation, wilderness pass, food, all technical equipment)